Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tuzla Bosnia October 6, 2013


This week was so great! I just felt so completely overwhelmed with love for my birthday. Elder S picked up his new companion, Elder F, from Zagreb and then brought back all of our mail and I got tons of letters from everyone and your HUGE package, Mom! That was so thoughtful of you and Grandma, thank you so much!! Everyone loved all the candy and the members devoured the flaming hot cheetos in just a few minutes, haha. Love you!

Sister M was so sweet-- she quietly reminded everyone that my birthday was on Wednesday, so everyone knew about it. I had no idea! We went over to J's for a lesson and they surprised me with cake, balloons, and presents, Sister Rowe and all the new missionaries from the MTC called me;Sister M woke up early and decked out our apartment with nice sayings and scriptures that she found that described me and made crepes; the Elders decorated the church and and gave me my favorite chocolate; the Ws had us over for yummy dinner and gave me a beautiful scarf. It definitely was one of the nicest birthdays I've ever had and it was totally unexpected. Again, I just felt totally overwhelmed with love!

Presents and everything are so thoughtful and kind, but I always love how I get to watch Conference on my birthday weekend! It was so good this session! We only got to watch the morning sessions for Saturday and Sunday, but WOW. Uchtdorf's talk, Bednar's talk, Oak's, President Monson.... all of them so wonderful! Elder Uchtdorf's talk was so powerful and his was actually the talk I was going to write you about, and then you wrote me about it-- so in sync!  Throughout Conference I loved the focus on strengthening ourselves and increasing our level of personal conversion. We always need to be working to become more converted through increasingly sincere prayer and scripture study. Also, families. We talk a lot about families as missionaries and I know that I just want to have such a sweet and kind husband. I don't care what he does, but as long as he is kind and faithful in the gospel, I'll be so, so happy.

F has not smoked for a week and a half now! He has been reading the Book of Mormon non-stop and he finished reading all of it this week, reads in Preach My Gospel every night, bore his testimony yesterday in Sacrament meeting (everyone here says that he "testifies like a boss"), and he encourages J's family to do daily scripture study and prayer together. He is so different and is just full of the Spirit. He is wonderful and is going to make the best missionary if he keeps it up. We're so proud of him!  Also, we had 18 people at church yesterday!!! It was so great!!! That's the most we've ever had while I've been here. We had a bunch of non-members come and the Spirit was so strong throughout all of testimony meeting. Everyone was smiling, crying and laughing together :) Wonderful, wonderful! I can't stop smiling as I'm writing this e-mail.

V, who is F's younger brother, still has a lot of work to do. He's not really strong in the gospel right now, but this morning we were studying President Eyring's talk about him this morning: "The priest will invite others to join with him in the tiny group of Saints (Tuzla, Bosnia!) where he has felt the love of God and the blessed peace of the Atonement. If he continues faithful in his priesthood duty, he will see the group become a branch, and then a stake of Zion will come to his city. There will be a ward with a caring bishop. It could be one of his sons or grandsons who will someday take a servant of God to a nearby hill and say, “This would be a wonderful place for a temple.”" It's so interesting that even with all of our promised blessings, they are always contingent on our obedience and faithfulness. We're going to share that with Valentino this week and hopefully wake him up again and re-ignite his  desire to be obedient in keeping all of the commandments.

Our baptismal commitments. Ah. We invite everyone to be baptized and have really powerful lessons and experiences led by the Holy Ghost, but there's so much fear to act and commit to be baptized. I love what Joseph Smith said about how "fear and faith cannot coexist in our hearts at the same time." We are so close with so many investigators to get them baptized! Pray for them to doubt their doubts and act on the faith that they do have. We can't give up on people!

Overall this week has been great! English classes are going well. We had some great lessons this week and Sister M and I are still working and teaching really well together. We are always trying to be better. I love her! We have Zone Conference again this week in Sarajevo, which takes up a whole day, but is worth it. President Rowe is so inspired and is always on the mark. We're really excited!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Look for missionary opportunities and strive to become more converted everyday.

S ljubavlju,

Sister Orgill

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  1. Sister Orgill: Great Blog. I was reading the Winters' blog and then found yours. Tell Sister Matthews hello from her Dad.