Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tuzla, Bosnia November 4, 2013

Hey Mom!
I'm sorry to hear about the Cards... still super fun that they got so close! And I cannot believe that Uncle Dave and Mitchell saw Matt Damon at the game in Boston!! I'm maybe a little bit jealous. They're so good to us and always get us such good tickets. I loved what you said, life goes on despite the loss. On to hockey and Steven's soccer team :) Steven said our Blues are looking pretty good this year, which will be really fun. Also, Steven being one of the fastest and highest goal scorers in St. Louis?! I'm so proud of him! Go Ladue!!
This week has been great! We had some great lessons with our investigators and found 3 new ones while were tracting this week! Fortunately, people are good-natured and patient with our poor Bosnian. Little by little we're making progress! Halloween was a little anticlimatic here. Because the majority of the people here are Muslim, they don't really celebrate it. Even the Catholics were sponsoring a "Holy-ween" night, discouraging people from doing anything associated with Halloween, but instead inviting people to come and worship. We tried to find places with pumpkins for our English class, but we couldn't find a market that sold them. We were a little disappointed, but then one of our younger English students, Igor, who's 13 and is hilarious, brought two to class because he remembered it was Halloween. He is the sweetest! It made us both so happy and reminded us a little bit of our Halloweens back home.

We ended the "term" for English classes last week and are going to start them up again this week. We had a little graduation for all of our classes together on Saturday night, had dinner, presented certificates, and then showed the shorter Joseph Smith movie. A bunch of people stayed after to watch the film, and Elder S got up and bore his testimony about why we're out here and the joy that comes from living the gospel. We also ended up giving out a few Book of Mormons and it was really good. We had the Fs in town this weekend from Kaysville, Utah and they came to church this weekend with the Ws. They bore their testimonies and were so sweet. I think Sister F is going to call you when they get home, Mom. Sacrament meeting was really wonderful! F blessed the water, B led the music for the first time in her new calling, and it was a great testimony meeting. We have a new senior couple here in Tuzla, the Ss. They are replacing the Ws, who are leaving in 3 weeks. They are really excited about missionary work, learning the language and to start teaching. They came to FHE this past Wednesday, taught our members Murder in the Dark and have just jumped right in. We love them already! 

This week is our last week of this transfer, and Sister M and I are both pretty aware that our time together may be winding down. :( We find out on Friday.
We watch Conference talks every morning and I just have grown to really love listening to them while I get ready. They're such a great way to start off the day and it's something that I want to continue doing when I get home. I just watched this one on Saturday night before bed, but I really love Elder Uchtdorf's talk Of Regrets and Resolutions from two conference sessions ago Mom, while you're doing your makeup or picking out your clothes, you should try playing a Conference talk in the background on the iPad. :)

We need to get going (we're trying to play more sports on P-days as part of our new workout plan), but I'll just end with this scripture, Helaman 3:34-45. Not that this week was particularly trying, but it really struck me when I read it this morning. I know it's true and it's possible for all of us to have that joy and consolation from living the gospel more fully.
Thank you so much for reading my letter to Skillet. He is the sweetest dog in the whole world. I love him so much. Also, thank you for being such a good example-- you strengthen me and make me want to be better. I love you lots! Have a great week!

Sister Orgill

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