Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia September 15, 2014

Hey Mom,

Transfer calls this time around were pretty unexpected for all the missionaries. I'm getting transferred down to Zadar, and I'm working with Sister Kropušek. They're splitting our Croatia zone because it's too big and hard to manage with exchanges, driving and such, so it will be a little bit different. It was sad having these be my last transfer calls. I'm excited for Zadar, but I'm also so sad to be leaving Zagreb and Sister Bradley. I love Zagreb so, so much. The members here have become my family away from home. 

Also, I feel so proud of Sister Bradley. She is SO FANTASTIC. She speaks the language so well even though she has only been out here a short time. She is obedient, a hard worker, her testimony has deepened, and she has become a really powerful teacher. I cannot believe that I won't be working with her, our members and the people we have been teaching here. I know I will just be a wreck on Sunday. 

President Uchtdorf says that goodbyes are hard for us, because we're not meant for them. We are made up of the stuff of eternity, and we are meant for eternal things, not endings. I think that is so important to remember in our relationships with everyone around us. Even if we are geographically separated, our relationships and the love we have for each other can continue and should continue to last.

This is the quote from Elder Uchtdorf:  
In light of what we know about our eternal destiny, is it any wonder that whenever we face the bitter endings of life, they seem unacceptable to us? There seems to be something inside of us that resists endings. Why is this? Because we are made of the stuff of eternity. We are eternal beings,  children of the Almighty God, whose name is Endless and who promises eternal blessings without number. Endings are not our destiny.
The more we learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ, the more we realize that  endings here in mortality are not endings at all. They are merely interruptions --temporary pauses that one day will seem small compared to the eternal joy  awaiting the faithful. How grateful I am to my Heavenly Father. In His plan there are no true endings, only everlasting beginnings.
This week was really good, but it's 8:00 at night, so I have to keep my e-mail short this week. President Grant asked us to have a spur of the moment trip to Serbia over this weekend to have a conference with the other sister training leaders to work on some items for English classes and help resolve some situations. There was a lot of driving, a lot of working, planning, skyping... ah. We drove up to Novi Sad today and that was so much fun to go see this morning. It is beautiful there. I love the Balkans.

Sister Orgill

Monday, September 8, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia September 8, 2014

Hey Mom,

We had a good week. Being able to be in Beograd was so much fun for me. It was a really amazing city and that was my first time there. I also got to drive through it (with my mission president and his wife in the car). I feel like now that I've tackled Beograd and Sarajevo driving, I think I can handle most things. It may not quite be Malaysian or Vietnam driving yet, but one day I'll get there ;) I didn't end up getting to see H while I was there, because we got there too late at night, but seeing Sister Hendricks and Sister Marks was really nice. I've been kind of far away from them lately, so it was good seeing old friends again.

We had Zone Conference this week and teaching went well. I talked with the Zone Leaders and we made a goal of everyone in our zone inviting at least 12 people a day to learn more, since finding people to teach is something our zone really struggles with. President Grant gets up and says we can be doing more. I agree with him. He told us a story of a mission in Europe right now who averages 30 new investigators a week per companionship. That means that they get 1000 turn downs a week. He said we need to be contacting and inviting 1000 people a week. At first I was kind of shocked, because when we're talking to people, we end up talking to them for a while, and getting 1000 conversations is a lot, especially since we are teaching full lessons throughout the day. He talked about the difference between having faith and being faithful (filled with faith). It was so powerful, and I know that if we plan to make it a reality, we can. The APs are going to try to reach it this week first. Sister Bradley is so great; she turned to me last night and says, okay, so how are we going to get our 30 investigators this week? Let's come up with a plan for how we could do it logistically and then take it to the Lord.

We went to a member's (Ljubica) house on Saturday night and she fed us yummy punina paprika again. It was so good. She told us her conversion story about her first missionaries and how they changed her life. Her son is serving a mission right now in the Adriatic South Mission. She got up on Sunday and bore her testimony of missionary work and how we need to be good examples of the gospel in our lives, because people notice and watch us. If we live the gospel and we're happy in the face of hardship and trials, then people will want to know why we are that way. She bore her testimony of taking care of the missionaries and of the sacrifices that we make to serve. She told them that everyone needs to cook for us and to be kind to us, because we're away from our families here.  The members here are so good to us, but it was so sweet of her to talk about the importance of the work we're doing here. It makes such a difference when the members want to be involved in missionary work. She is in her 60s, has some health problems, works everyday until 6, and lives far away from everyone, but she ALWAYS wants to come on lessons and to teach with us, even though it's a huge sacrifice for her. She gives us a hard time if we haven't called her to come on a lesson to teach with us! One time after one of our lessons with a less-active member she didn't get home until after midnight, but she loves doing it. I wish the missionaries in St. Louis would have called me up to go out teaching with them when I was in high school and college.

On Sunday our English student, (N from the bus ride to Zadar last week) ended up coming to church. We didn't even invite her because we thought she was still on vacation, so it was so neat that she ended up coming. There was a lull during testimony meeting, so she stands up and says, "well if no one else will, then I will!" and then walks up to the stand and bares her testimony. She talked about the struggles she had in her life and her experience with us on the bus. She talked about how she had been having a hard time, and she said, after she talked with us on her vacation, she knew that God was real that everything was going to be okay. She said that the problems she had in her life were all still there, but that there was a peace that came into her heart knowing that God was with her. I talked to her afterwards and asked her why she came to church on her own and why she shared her testimony. She said she knew that that was what God wanted her to do, and then she felt like He gave her the courage to do both of them. She is so great! She is a mother of 5, works as a vet, has such great desires, and is so in tune with the Spirit. We're going to hopefully teach her this week.

Also, M, the painter, is finally back from vacation, so we're going to go over and see him on Tuesday!! So excited to see him again.

We had a less-active member call us this week who I'd never met. A few months ago Sister Erbe and I had gone around and written down a bunch of names and addresses of less-active members and took a huge stack of Liahonas to go visit a bunch of them. Whenever we had access to a car, we would just plug in the addresses into the GPS and then stop by and leave Liahona's with a note if they weren't home. Out of like 100 people who we visited, she was the only one to call us back. She's younger and is in her 30s, but somehow we had gotten her address from an older set of church records and then she got lost in the transition to new technology and she wasn't on the branch roster anymore, so she hadn't been visited in years. She called us this week and was so grateful that we had found her and had contacted her. She said she loved reading the Liahona and invited us over this week for juice. She said she loves the Church, but has had a lot of health problems these past few years which has prevented her from coming. We're excited to meet with her this week and we got her records transferred back on the Zagreb branch roster, so she won't be lost again.

We get transfer calls this week (this will be my last transfer as a young missionary), so I'll find out if I'm staying in Zagreb for 11 months or if I'm going somewhere else.

I love you lots!! Hope you have a great week!
Sister Orgill

Monday, September 1, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia September 1, 2014

Hey Mom!
It was so great being able to talk with you last week! You are so great!
We didn't end up getting a car to help us get around, but took buses between the three cities we were working in-- Rijeka, Zagreb and Zadar. The only bus that they offered from Zadar to Rijeka was this 5 hour bus along the coast, no highways or anything (otherwise it'd normally be 2-3 hours). It was breathtaking. Croatia is so beautiful! 

We are tired of traveling, but we're almost done with it. This afternoon I'm going to Beograd, Serbia to pick up another sister with President and Sister Grant, and then the two trainees that I've been working with this past week are going to stay in Zagreb for a day and work here. We have been working hard and traveling a lot, which takes it out of me. Weirdly enough, I know it was such a blessing that we had to travel so much and didn't end up getting a car. On our bus ride home last night I met this really great girl named Anna who lives in Croatia (been here for 4 years) but is from Texas. She's 25, has a Croatian boyfriend and loves living here; she has a Masters in Public Policy and she studied political science as an undergrad. She is so sharp and she was so much fun to talk to. I talked to her about the church and she talked about some friends that she had who were LDS in college who had served missions. We got her phone number and we're going to meet up with her. So neat!
Also, on another one of our bus trips down to Zadar from Zagreb, one of our English students, who we've been trying to teach, walks onto the bus with her 10 year-old son. She was sitting behind me and I was talking to her about her life and some problems she was having. She told me that she didn't believe the fact that we were on the same bus together was a coincidence. Soon into the ride, I started to get so car-sick. Ah! So, I had Sister Bradley trade seats with me, so they could talk, and it was so perfect because right from the start they just clicked. As the conversation went on, the things they talked about and the analogies they used were so different from the things I would have said. That was such a powerful reminder for me to see that we were all called specifically for these people; it's not enough for one of us to speak. Sister B has things to say in that will touch and help them in ways I never could. Our English student was locked into a 4 hour bus ride, and Sister B worked her way slowly through the gospel lessons. It was so perfect! N, our English student, left the bus with a Book of Mormon and a promise to read it while she was on vacation this week. When she gets back we're going to meet with her and teach her. It was also really neat because we have been praying to find families who we can teach. On the bus this week we found out N has 5 kids, she works as a vet and has a great husband. So wonderful Often times the people that we're looking for, and the answers to our prayers are already placed in front of us. God has already given us these opportunities, we just have to be willing to recognize and act on them.
Another great success was in Zadar this week. We were working through the sisters' area book there, and we found the names of a few people who had studied about the church previously and their addresses. We went to go find them a couple of hours before our bus left The first woman that we went to go find, lived pretty far out, so the further we got, the more I thought about turning back. We fortunately kept going, and then we realized that we had limited information about her--her last name wasn't listed. We started asking everyone in her building if they knew who she was or if she lived there. After about 12 doors, we all started to give up thinking that she didn't live in that building and were about to go go find another person before our bus left. I guess the sisters had tried her phone number a bit ago and she hadn't been interested. We ended up trying again, she answered, we told her we were in her building and asked if she'd want to meet and talk about the Book of Mormon. She said YES. We found her apartment, and had one of the most powerful lessons I've had on my mission. She was so strong and all the things we were teaching, she was really excited about and she said it made so much sense. She's a university professor who teaches economics, and she was also just so wonderful. She and I really got along and I was sad to leave, because I knew I wouldn't be able to teach her again. We left her with Alma 32 to read and the sisters are going to go back again this week!
We went back to Zagreb on Friday for the branch BBQ-- a lot of planning went into it and a lot of members, less-active members, and even more investigators and visitors showed up! It was great being able to visit with everyone, and it was so great watching all the missionaries just work so well with the members and investigators. We have such a strong group of missionaries here in Zagreb.
This week we also found so many great potentials and invited two new people we contactred to come to church. They both came! Also, so did 50 something German tourists! The church in Zadar is pretty small, so people were flooding out of the chapel, because there weren't enough chairs to fit everyone. We had 84 people I think, altogether. I guess the stake president in Munich organizes a big trip every year for the members/families in the neighboring stakes, and they get a big group together to come down to Croatia for summer vacation. It was so much fun practicing the few German words that I know with them. We helped out with Primary and I helped with these 4 super cute German boys, ages 6-9. I asked wie geht's (how are you?) and they all look at me and with huge smiles say GUT! The little German children had bright blonde hair and cute accents. It really was so much fun for me! We sang I am a Child of God in Croatian and in German and a few other Primary songs. That group of children was so pure and so sweet. It just struck my heart how close children are to the Spirit. 

This week will involve less travel. I get to see H (who was baptized) and Sister Hendricks again tonight in Beograd--the three of us from Sarajevo back together again! I'm so excited. We also have Zone Conference, so Sister B and I are teaching again, which will be fun. I cannot believe how fast the time is going! Every week just goes by faster and faster. Hannah just got home from her mission and gave her homecoming talk on Sunday! It's starting to hit me that my time out here is limited, and I'm just trying to give my all during the time I have left.
Sorry this was so long. I love you so much and I hope you have a great week!
Sister Orgill

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia August 25, 2014

Hey Mom,

This week was crazy for me, as well. We had six sisters staying in Zagreb this week who I had to keep busy, make sure they knew how to get around the city, and schedule in their doctors appointments, and various other meetings. There was a lot of splitting companionships and planning that went into it and at the end of the week when everyone left I just passed out and slept so well! We had the Return and Report meeting all day on Wednesday for the new missionaries, as kind of a follow-up to see how their first few weeks in the mission field was going. Then I had leadership council on Friday, and I went to that with a sister from Tuzla, Sister C (who goes home this next transfer and is such a wonderful missionary). It was really great. Sunday was the perfect end to the week. I love going to church at the end of a long week. The Jeppsons, this really amazing senior couple gave their farewell address at church along with Sister Sare. It was so sad saying goodbye to all of them. I couldn't help myself from crying, even though I know I'll see them again in just a few months.

This week we are working in both Zadar and Zagreb as a trio companionship, and we're also stopping in Rijeka for an exchange. None of all these cities are very close to each other. We were anticipating having a car to get around, but late yesterday afternoon we found out that we wouldn't be able to use one until Wednesday, so we got on a bus within an hour of figuring out that information, and didn't get into Zadar until late last night. But, we are here now, well rested, and had a chance to walk through the city center, hang out by the sea on the sea organ and eat ice cream. It's been a really nice, relaxing preparation day.

I feel that whenever I feel like taking a break and taking it easy, some situation comes up and I just either have to step up and handle it, or it won't get figured out. While I would really love being isolated in the edge of the mission, in a quiet city, and without a busy phone, I think maybe the Lord knows that I need to be pushed. I think he knows we all need to be pushed to our limits in order to really grow. I really know that when I am sleep-deprived, hungry, worked to the bone, my true nature comes out. I can see if I'm going to turn inward and focus on myself or keep trying to turn outward and serve others. It's been a blessing to be able to see how the Lord has slowly been refining me through growing experiences on my mission and in my life. 

I had a great interview with President Grant this week. While we don't have transfer calls for another few weeks, he told me that he thinks that I'm staying in Zagreb for my last transfer. That would make 11 months here! There are visa issues to consider when being transferred to a different country, so maybe I will be training in Zagreb again. I would love to go see Serbia or Montenegro, but I also love the members and our investigators here in Zagreb so much, that I think I will be happt either way. I know the Lord knows what I need better than I do.

Love always,

Sister Orgill

Zagreb, Croatia August 16, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia August 11, 2014

Hey Mom,
We had a great week again! I cannot believe another week has flown by! We started off the week and we taught at Zone Conference with the zone leaders. I'm used to teaching the missionaries at Zone Conference, so I wasn't too nervous.  It was the first time for Sister B. She did such a great job! We prepared a lot for it, and it all came together really well. She said she didn't feel adequate teaching seasoned missionaries about how they could be better when she was so new, and I told her to just share the things that she had experienced and that she knew to be true. She bore a great testimony of finding! She shared this quote from President Benson in Preach My Gospel which I love, "We are commanded by God to take this gospel to all the world. That is the cause that must unite us today. Only the gospel will save the world from the calamity of its own self-destruction. Only the gospel will unite men of all races and nationalities in peace. Only the gospel will bring joy, happiness, and salvationto the human family."
We tracted a huge building last night. We were trying different approaches, but we weren't having any luck. I taught Sister Bradley a new phrase about the Book of Mormon, and she was a little nervous to try out a new phrase since she had mainly been sticking to one that I taught her when she first got here. Within a minute of practice, the very first door she tried out her new phrase. The woman invited us in for cake! We said we would love to come in and just have water, but she insisted on feeding us. She believes in God, but is just not a fan of churches. I completely understand that, and I think I would be the same way if I had grown up here. I think there is some great potential with her! We also met this really great guy in the same building who works as a sailor. He invited us in, but we couldn't go inside because he lives alone. He said he would love to meet up and talk some more, so we got his number and gave it to the elders. It was great!
I agree with what you said about compliments. We all just really need to build each other up more! We were doing companionship study two weeks ago, and I was talking about some things that I wanted and needed to work on. Sister Bradley turns to me and she says, "you are seriously perfect. You do this well, this well, that well, you always look great, you speak Croatian fluently (not true), etc. etc." She then said, you do everything so well and then there's me and I'm not good at any of these missionary things. I just shook my head and told her how impressed I was with her, and how wonderfully she was doing. I told her that I couldn't believe how much progress in the language she had made and in her confidence in teaching and in lessons. I realized that we had admired the skills and abilities of one another, and had failed to tell each other how great we really believed each other to be! I made more of a conscious effort this week to build her up and when I was mentally impressed with something she did, I made an effort to verbalize it. 

President Grant wants all these trainees that just came out a few weeks ago to be ready to train by the end of this 9 weeks, so this week, I gave Sister B the phone, the map, and the lead in all of our lessons. At the thought of it, she was completely overwhelmed! But every day she did it. We made it through this whole week with her guiding us where we needed to go, taking more of an active role in the what we were teaching, and her answering phone calls in Croatian! She is doing so great and is visibly more confident in the work we do and the things she says.
We fly out of Zagreb on November 25 in the morning, so I think I'll fly into St. Louis that night probably around 9 or 10. Right before Thanksgiving! I think you're going to get an e-mail in the next few weeks from the office about my travel plans. :)
We're going to the Zoo again so Sister B can see it. I love you lots and I hope you have a great week!!
Sister Orgill

Zagreb, Croatia August 4, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia July 28, 2014

Hey Mom!
It was so great talking with you last week! Training is going really well! We have hit our Area Book (where past missionaries make notes of all their missionary contacts-- ours goes back to the early 2000s) and were able to set up a few lessons from that for this coming week, and in addition to that we found 3 great new investigators this week! Talking on the tram, from English class and from our Area Book. Woot woot! Everyone that we found was really open and really willing to take the lessons. A huge miracle of this week!
My trainee is Sister B! She is from Helper, Utah, she's 20 years old, she's really interested in geology, anime, and speaking in Shakespearean English. We get a long really well. She is a sweetheart! She works hard and is patient with me, for which I'm incredibly grateful. She was called up on the spot to bear her testimony in Croatian in church on Sunday and she just nailed it. I felt like a proud little mama, because we had been working on grammar and speaking in Croatian all this week and she was so composed even though she was nervous. Talking to people on the tram about the church, answering phone calls, or contacting people about English class isn't scary for me, but I forgot how scared I was when I first got here. It's a challenge for someone who is new and who doesn't know the language, so we're working on helping her face those fears. I think I'll be leaving Zagreb at the end of this transfer, because we have so many young missionaries coming in these next two transfers. President Grant said that these new missionaries will need to be ready to train either in 8 weeks or next transfer. Yikes! I know I wouldn't have been ready to train my first few weeks in, but I really think she'll be ready, she's already doing such a great job.
This week we have leadership council and it's going to be an extended meeting, so everyone is staying the night at the mission home and it's going to last for about a full day all together. I don't really know what it will be like, but the crazy thing is that I'm going to the meeting with another sister who goes home in September, and then her companion and Sister B will be together for a full day and Sister B will have to show her around and take her to all of our lessons. So I'm constantly quizzing her on how to get around the city, which trams to take, names of members, verbs, etc. etc. It's rushed, but she'll get it.
Our miracle this week was just having all these really wonderful people come out of the woodwork. Sister Erbe and I really had had a hard time finding new people to teach, and then all of a sudden this week, it seemed like everyone wanted to talk and meet up with us-- the guy in a kebab restaurant, a woman at the tram stop, another guy on the tram who had overheard us talking to someone else and comes out and says, "if I were to join any church it really would be yours!" I don't even know why it happened that way, but we ended up having to give two of our lessons away to the Elders because we couldn't make it to all the things we had going on this week. I've felt so grateful this past week for everything that I have and for how blessed I feel as a missionary. I love Zagreb so much and it is just insane to me that in a few weeks, I'll be getting on the plane again with the same people that I came here with and I know I'll just look at them and just say, "Did that really all just happen? Was that real life?" I know it will feel like a dream. :/

I'm going to give Sister Br a tour of center today, so we're going to get going, but I love you lots and hope you have a great week!!
Love always,
Sister Orgill

Zagreb, Croatia July 14, 2014

Hey Mom,
I'm doing great! It is so weird to think about how quickly the time goes by. We are at the week-mark countdown until Sister Erbe goes home. Haha, she's so excited! We bought pounds of chocolate this morning for her to bring home to her family. I'm really going to miss her. She's a wonderful companion and such a powerful missionary. In my interview when President Grant told me that I would most likely be training next week, all I could say was, "Please. No." He laughed. Training is so hard. Most people say that being a missionary teaches you how to be a good spouse, I really think it teaches you how to be a good parent. You are put with someone who you did not choose to be with, someone who has their own predispositions, habits, and tendencies and because they're new and in a brand new environment, they get scared, and you have to really do a lot of uplifting, a lot of serving, encouraging, pep talks, a lot of patience, wiping their tears, you do most of the teaching and speaking in lessons, contacting, tracting, etc. etc. Haha ahh, growing experiences are great :)
I've been thinking a lot, I think mostly because Sister Erbe goes home so soon, about how we are constantly being influenced and influencing others around us. We listened to a talk this week by Sheri Dew and she talks about the importance of monitoring where we're getting our information from. Which sources are we receiving the majority of our daily information from? Whether we're aware of it or not, we're being influenced all the time. She gave this example from her own life-- she loves watching the news, so typically when she's getting ready in the morning she listens to political pundits battling back and forth. She had a thought one day "you have the tv on too much." She said, the kind of tv she was watching, wasn't bad or on the line by any means. She thought it was an interesting thought, and then that Sunday in church she was listening to some of her young women talk about how they listened to a Conference talk every day in preparation for the next General Conference. She said that she resolved to listen to a Conference talk or 2 every morning while she was getting ready. She testified of the shift and the change that came into her life, by modifying something so minimal-- she felt strengthened and more spiritually uplifted every day. I thought that was so interesting and I've been reflecting on the sources that I used to get my information from-- tv shows, Facebook, TED talks, the news, and minimally in comparison, the scriptures. None of those are inherently bad, but they were simply not the best influencers in my life. The talk is called 4 Things That Will Wreck Your Life and 4 Things That Will Save It. I think you have to buy it if you want to listen to it, becauase it was done through Deseret Book. Still, so good.
Thanks for sharing your spiritual thoughts too, Mom. I love hearing those and sharing those with the people we're teaching!
I love you lots! Hope you have a great week :)
Sister Orgill

Zabreb, Croatia July 7, 2014

Hey Mom,

So, we're going to Lake Bled and Ljubljana today! The Russells, the senior couple in Karlovac asked President Grant if they could take us and the Karlovac sisters (since both Sisters Erbe and Krump are going home soon) up there for the day and he said yes! We're really excited.

President Rowe left on Tuesday morning! For P-day we played a huge game of basketball at his house and it was so much fun. President Oštarčević, the first counselor in the mission presidency, and a former scout for the NY Knicks was there and he had us all running drills and training us. Haha. It was pretty cool. Sister Rowe had ordered a ton of pizza afterward, we took lots of pictures, and said tearful goodbyes. President Grant is here and we had Zone Conference and interviews in Zagreb this week. Everyone loved the Rowes so much, but I know that President and Sister Grant will really do a great job here and everyone will grow to love them too. 

This week went by too quickly I don't even know where the time went. We had a great lesson with a less-active this week and we brought one of our members to come and teach her. It was so good, and she even end up coming to church!

We are still working with J's son, T. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ this week and he gives the best answers and prayers. He is such a great kid. J did such a wonderful job raising him. Him and his brother, Seb, 6, give the greatest answers in Primary. I helped teach Primary yesterday with Sister Hobbs, a senior sister.I have so much respect for the people who are called to work in primary. At the endnd of the lesson, I asked the children one thing they had all learned about Christ and all of their answers were something like, “He was good.” “He was kind..” Seb says, “I know that Christ lives, and I know that if we pray to Him than He can help us to do anything that is good.” Wisdom from the mouth of a 6 year old. His mom J has come to church every Sunday for the past month and yesterday she got up and bore her testimony. She brought her Spanish Book of Mormon and was highlighting and reading along during all the meetings. She is such a cutie.

I really liked what you shared about M. I will print off that talk and share what you said with him. I think that will be really nice for him to hear that other people are rooting him on. He needs to believe more in himself. 

Sister Erbe is going to Rijeka and Sister Peterson is coming here tomorrow, so we're going to go teach him together.

While we were on the tram this week, I started talking to this man who was from Indonesia! He and his family were going to the Indonesian embassy for the elections. I practiced what little Bahasa I was able to remember and I told him about Mike. Him and his family were so nice and we ended up talking the whole tram ride. He told me I really needed to practice my Bahasa and that Mike should help me, haha. 

We had more great lessons that we don't have time to write about right now, but it was a great week! We are working hard and I think that's why we're so tired. President Rowe says that when we get off the plane that our families should pick us up on stretchers, because we've really given it everything we have. So, be ready with the stretcher in a few months ;) 

Sister Orgill