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February 3, 2014 Zagreb, Croatia

Hey Mom!

This week was really good. We had transfer calls this week and Sister W and I are staying here in Zagreb together! Sister M is going to Banja Luka, Sister Ms is getting transferred to Osijek Croatia, and Sister H is staying in Sarajevo and is training a new sister. She'll have been in Sarajevo for 8 months by the end of this transfer. She is such a blessing to that city and the people there. Her district is basically all changing, so she's going to be pretty on her own in terms of support from other missionaries, but she is wonderful and is so cut out for it!

President called us during our studies and was like "Oh, I forgot to ask you this last week, but can you come and give a presentation on English classes and advertising today in an hour for the mission leader conference?" Ahh haha. We live about 40 minutes away from his house, so I was just writing things down the whole cab ride. It actually went really well, and it was just in front of a bunch of missionaries.

We had some really good lessons this week:

I is one of our current investigators and he is going to be a leader for the church here one day. We found him out of our area book and he loves us. We called him this week to change the time we were going to go visit him that weekend and he had had a really bad day. He went on and on about the corruption in the system and how bad people can be. He was really angry and shaken up, and didn't want to read or pray. I talked to him about the power of prayer, and those moments when we don't feel like praying are the exact moments where we need to take the time, drop on our knees, and plead to our Heavenly Father to help us. We prayed together over the phone and I bore my testimony as strongly as I could to him about the power, peace and comfort that comes from prayer. The Spirit was really strong and he kept talking about how he feels such positive energy whenever he talks with us. I told him that was from God and it was called the Spirit and that it testifies of truth. I told him that sometimes we have a tendency to separate our church lives with our daily lives, but the scriptures were written for our day, and the tools that we have to get closer to God were given to us to use in our everyday lives. Later in the week we went over to teach him and his wife was sick, so we walked down the street with him to his parents' house and his mom and his cousin sat in on the lesson with us! It was so good and we taught the plan of salvation with J, one of our members. It was so powerful. His cousin wasn't too receptive of it all, and our investigator, I, got really defensive of the church to his cousin and asked him to just question his beliefs just for a minute. It was really powerful. His mom loved it and even though she's a pretty devout Catholic, she wants us to come back and teach her more. 

We had a lesson with another family this weekend, who we'd been having a hard time meeting up with since I got here, and they are so wonderful. They have two daughters and the mom works for the EU and the dad works for some local company. I've been praying to find more of a connection between what I'm studying and how to apply it in the lessons that we teach.  It was the perfect example where I was able to study the introduction parts to the Book of Mormon and the different plates and how they were compiled, and I was able to answer one of her questions that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. I felt so blessed and so guided. We actually were able to teach them in English and address a lot of their concerns with a senior couple that we have here, the Js. It was so good and we're going back this week.

We had a great day at church yesterday and had 4 investigators end up coming! It was fast Sunday, so it's always kind of luck of the draw with what you're going to hear. One of the investigators I was sitting next to, K, actually dropped us right after Sacrament meeting because of some things that people said. Ahh. It wasn't his time, right? He's older and he kept asking me about the older ladies in the branch, so he kind of had an ulterior motive for being there, anyways haha. The other 3 investigators were so good. I told some of the people we taught this week,who haven't come to church yet that there was absolutely no way they were going to know if this is true unless they come to church and are really willing to experiment in the way that Alma talks about in Alma 32. One man that we have not been able to get to church showed up to church! He loved it, and a bunch of the little kids totally charmed him and kept walking up to him during the meeting. We'll go see him this week. K, an English student was the only one who stayed for all three hours and then for the break-the-fast afterwards. She was a little bit tired afterwards (she kept checking her watch during a pretty intense talk about pornography in RS), but we found out that one of our members lives in her same building and she wants to come on lessons to teach her! So cool. We have given her a Book of Mormon and we have plans to teach her twice this week, before English classes.

Also, we had a lesson with M, the artist, this week and it was so good. Sister W asked if he thought the Book of Mormon was true and he responds, "Of course this book is true. Obviously Joseph Smith was a prophet! These words are clearly from God." Yes, yes they are. Haha. He wasn't feeling well, so he wasn't able to come to church this week, but we'll get him there next time. He has two kids and a really sweet wife. 

A, another investigator, loves the church, the members and the Book of Mormon, but she got really sick this week, so we weren't able to meet with her. Her baptism date is for this Saturday, but we are going to have to move it back so we can finish teaching her the lessons and help her gain a stronger testimony.

Such good lessons, but not enough time to write about them. We got home on Saturday night and we were just so exhausted from the week we had-- there was a lot of traveling all over the city. As we were walking inside our apartment we just kind of looked at each other, and were like "days like the ones we had this week make it all worth it." Sometimes we don't see a ton of immediate success, but really, every door slammed, every laugh in my face, every mocking look, I can take because of the little bit of success that we get from weeks like this week. It really felt like we weren't seeing any fruits from our labors, but as we got more diligent in doing the little things and experienced the joy of missionary work, we found more success.

I love you so much!

Have a great week!!

Sister Orgill

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