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Zagreb, Croatia January 6, 2014

Hi Mom!

This week has been great! Zagreb is so big, there are a bunch of members, and there's a lot of work to do. We have about 40-50 people who come to church every week, but we have about 300 members on the branch roster. Some on the roster have passed away, but most are just inactive members. It's crazy! There is not enough time every week to get everything done that I want to... if we could just work on reactivation that would be one thing, but we also have a bunch of investigators and members that we're working with, as well.

My companion, Sister W is awesome! She's from Tucson Arizona, is such a good cook, which would normally make me really nervous, but she is also whipping me into shape. She makes us get up early (almost) everyday to go running and I lost 2 pounds within the first 3 days of being here! Haha. She's only been out in the field for 7 weeks, but she is SO much better at the language than I was when I was there. I do a lot of the talking in lessons, but we're going to try to practice speaking Croatian with each other in our in-between time, something she's not looking forward to haha, but we'll both learn a lot! It's her 20th birthday this week, so I'm trying to plan for some fun lessons and treats that we can have throughout the day.

New Years celebrations kind of slowed us down a little bit, but for our New Years celebration we ate some chocolate, went contacting, finished up some English stuff at the office, and went to be at 10 :) What did you guys end up doing to celebrate? Any Martinelli's this year?

One of my favorite lessons from this week was with a man named Ig. We read from Alma 36 with him and talked about how we don't need to fear meeting God, but how we can look forward to that day, because we can truly be free from anything we've ever done through sincere repentance. He came to church the next day and really loved testimony meeting! He promised he would read and pray every day this week and we're going to meet with him twice this week. He received all the lessons a while back, but we're planning on re-teaching him and I feel like we're just going to need to be really patient with him to help him progress.

One thing that I think we really need to work on more is more unity with the missionaries and the members here. We met with one of our members last night and she talked about how there are two groups in the branch: missionaries and members. We were really united in my past two areas. I think, but it made a big difference. There is power that comes from just being more united in goal and purpose with the people that you're working with.

I feel so blessed to be a missionary and to be serving with Sister W. When I first found out I was being transferred, I prayed really hard to love it here and to not miss Sarajevo, and I fell in love with Zagreb and the people on my first day. One thing that I also really love about being a missionary, is because we made ourselves busy with the work, you don't have time to think about yourself. This time is not about me, so my personal problems and concerns don't matter.

I have loved studying in Alma this week. I love thinking about his example of a powerful missionary, through wearying the Lord in prayer and pouring out his whole heart and his whole soul in the work. When he was at a crossroads and didn't know what to do, he immediately turned to God and poured out his thoughts to the Lord in prayer. I want to be such a great missionary. Someone that others can rely on, in good and bad times, because I'm anchored in Christ and because of my strength in the gospel. When I was in the MTC, one of my teachers said this quote and I think about it periodically: "Live your life in such a way that those who know you, will want to know Christ, because they know you." I love that :)

It was so great seeing you on Christmas! I love you so much and I hope you have a great week! Drink an extra cup of hot chocolate for me with all this snow that you guys are getting :)

S ljubavlju uvijek,

Sister Orgill

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