Thursday, March 20, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia March 17, 2014

Hey Mom,

It sounds like you guys are having such a good time in North Carolina! Jenny sent me a bunch of pictures from the games and you all look so cute! I'm glad that you're all getting some down time to relax. 

We have had a crazy week.. I apologize in advance if this e-mail is kind of all over the place. We have a lot to do today, so we woke up early to come do e-mails and we're just kind of cramming in everything we need to do today.

We had Sisters' Conference this week at the Rowe's house, which was really great. I learned a lot and it was so fun seeing old friends again. We also had transfer calls! Sister W is going to Karlovac and I'm staying here in Zagreb and serving with Sister E. We're going to be STLs (Sister Training Leaders, but it always reminds me of St. Louis, haha) together, which is pretty cool because we're going to be traveling around Croatia and doing exchanges with the other sisters in the different cities. I think this is a way I can help out with English classes too. It's kind of bittersweet, because I feel like as soon as I start really learning how to teach and work well with a companion, we then have transfer calls and we get split apart. I know it's a good thing because we do a lot of growing when we're forced into situations that are new and unfamiliar.

President Rowe talked this week at Sisters Conference about how Elder Bednar said the best way to help a missionary grow, is to do everything you can to help throw them out of the boat (in reference to Peter showing and exercising his faith by jumping out of the boat when he saw Christ walking on water). I feel like President Rowe does a good job at doing that. There are so many situations that I'm in where I feel completely unqualified and incapable. He went on to say that those are ultimately the best opportunities to have, because those are the ones where you know you can't succeed any other way unless you rely completely and wholly on the Lord.

We have had a good week. M, the painter, is doing really well, and we are going to teach him tonight to hopefully get him prepared for a baptismal date. He has only come to church once, but he is so humble and loves learning more. His 9 year-old daughter, Bec, sat in on one of our lessons this week and loved talking about Christ. She asked if she could have her own copy of the Book of Mormon, so we gave her one and then an illustrated copy of the Book of Mormon, as well. We gave her homework to read from 1st Nephi and she said she would read with her dad. We are going to bring H (10) and her mom to a lesson with them, so H can help teach Bec. M's wife is so kind every time we come over and she even came to church with M last week.

We weren't able to go visit Mak and Ja this past week, but we're going on splits and tonight Sister B and Sister W are going to go do FHE with their family, since they are all off of work tonight.

Okay, maybe I'll get the chance to write you later today, but we need to get going for now. I love you lots and I'm so glad to hear that you are having a good time in North Carolina!

Love you!
Sister Orgill

P.S. Will you also tell Sister Zenger thank you so much?! I got her package and I gave the treats to the elders and they devoured them within the hour. It was so sweet of her! I loved reading the letters from the youth and hearing them prepare for their missions too.

Sisters' conference 

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  1. Its a wonderful time to read your post and I love it. God Bless! TheFamily