Monday, June 2, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia June 2, 2014


This week was pretty busy. We had leadership council, an exchange with the sisters in Karlovac and we also had Croatia District Conference. Busy, but good.

Also, it has been cool this past week with some rain, so I think it might start warming up for summer this week, which is okay. We'll take it being cool for as long as we can!

Marko is down to 2 cigarettes a day. He is so close! Darja came to church this week for district conference which was really powerful and so did another one of our less-active members. President and Sister Rowe spoke with Elder Donaldson (of the seventy) and they all did such a wonderful job. It's so sad because the Rowes leave at the end of this month. They had a hard time making it through their talks; I think everyone in the meeting was crying.

I'm studying in the Old Testament (something I've never read all the way through before) and it is so interesting studying all the stories that I've heard so many times before. I'll let you know when I get to to the story of Samson :)

Even though hard days will come and go, I love being out here. I feel so happy, in-tune with the Spirit, active, and we get to serve people all day long. I think before my mission I really looked to other people to build me up, for support and for love. While there are people who will occasionally give that to us, we can't rely on these methods in order to feel comforted or rejuvenated. You can't call up a friend and say you're having a hard day, or pop in a movie, eat ice cream, or go on a run when you want. You really have to find a way to be truly independent and self-sustaining. I think that's unfortunately why some missionaries go home. I've really learned that the main source where we need to derive our strength from has to be through prayer with God. There's no other way to do it.

Sister Erbe just got her flight itinerary for her to fly home at the end of July and it is very surreal for both of us. This isn't just our lives from here on out?!

I love you lots!

Hope you have a great week!

Sister Orgill

P.S.  Wow, forgot to tell you, on my exchange, an old grandma SMACKED me with her cane this week. I have a mark on the back of my thigh from it. haha. She had all of her stuff on the ground and it looked like she had dropped everything accidentally, so she was leaning down so slowly to pick it up, and I ran over to go help her, and she picks up her cane so fast and starts hitting me. I couldn't believe the strength of that little woman! Yikes

Leadership Council

With Sister Peterson

On Saturday, we helped a member with her garden. 
We planted beans and weeded :)
I told Sister Erbe the "I hate nature story", ha ha

With Sister Crump

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