Sunday, June 1, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia April 7, 2014

Hey Mom!
I'm so glad you guys got a chance to watch all sessions of conference! I thought a lot about our family as I listened to the messages. We've only watched 3 of them so far, but hopefully we'll finish watching the rest later this week. There was a lot about returning back to the basics, keeping the commandments, and recognizing that wrong will always be wrong and right will always be right. I think my favorite talk so far was from Elder Zwick about understanding people and their point of view. I think that is so important and so often we are quick to judge other people and we don't take the time to understand or listen to them. He did such a good job.
This week was good, we had an exchange with Karlovac, so Sister W came back to Zagreb with me and Sister E went back to Karlovac with her old companion. It was fun being able to work with them again. Everyone here loves Sister W, and we were able to see a less-active woman who loves Sister W's cooking and spiritual insights.
We also had Zone Conference this week, where Sister E and I taught a portion of the training. We prayed and prepared a lot to know what we should say and we had it down to the point where it was really fluid. Then in the meeting, 2 minutes before we were supposed to start teaching, I felt like we should change what we had prepared. I turned to Sister E and told her what I thought and she agreed. So, we changed the outline in the minute that we had for how we were going to teach it, and throughout, we didn't always know what we were going to say, but I really felt the Spirit guide us in the meeting.
We need to get going. I love you tons! Hope you have a great week!
Sister Orgill

 Me and Sister E

At the Hall

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