Sunday, June 1, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia March 24, 2014

Hey Mom,

We had a good week over here... We have been busy. I feel like we have so many things that we need to be doing right now. Fortunately, being busy as a missionary is a good thing. :)

We had a lot of people pass through Zagreb for transfers, so that was really fun to see missionaries again. We also had 3 new missionaries come from the MTC, so we went to their training session with President Rowe and their new trainers, and Sister E and I did a little presentation for them about adjusting to missionary life.
Sister E is my new companion and she is a saint. She's from Oregon, really self-motivated, smart, and she laughs a ton. It's been really fun working with her these past few days.
We had more sisters pass through here for a night on their way to Zadar for a baptism, so we went on splits with them and had a contacting contest to see who could pass out the most Book of Mormons and get the most contacts. I was with Sister S (my MTC companion) and it was really fun being with her. We met some really great potentials that night and we're excited to see if we can set up some lessons with them this week.
One of the people we have been teaching, Ivan (name changed) has been kind of depressed.  We called him and said a prayer with him on the phone this week and he started to feel better again. We went over to his place this week with the Elders and they taught him about the priesthood and then gave him a blessing. The next day he called us and said that he felt so full of hope and that he hadn't felt so happy in 6 months. It was so powerful. I started crying after the phone call. I pray for him every night and we have been working so hard with him the past few weeks. We are going to give him to the Elders to teach just because it's hard for us to always have to bring a member or someone else with us every time we teach him.
Marvin (name changed) came to church again this Sunday!! And he taught US the lesson this week from his reading and he did such a good job. He has such a good understanding of the scriptures and why we need to be obedient. He still has been unable to recognize his answer that he needs to be baptized, but he stayed for Sunday School on Sunday and we talked all about the promptings of the Holy Ghost. It was the perfect lesson for him. His 9 year-old daughter is still sitting in on our lessons and she is so great. We are going to invite their 13 year-old son to sit in on the lessons too.
We went to the zoo last week for P-day and then ended up going to President Rowe's house and playing basketball afterwards. We're going again today before he has to go to Banja Luka. It feels so good to run around and get some good exercise. We've been running a lot this week and we've been so sore, which I guess is a good thing. Have you still been exercising? I have been so bad about it the past few weeks for some reason, but now that it's getting warmer it should be easier.
Wow, I can't believe President Hintze read my letter at Stake Conference... I don't really proof-read my letters, so I hope it sounded okay.
I love you lots! Hope you have a great week!
Sister Orgill

We had a lot of people pass through Zagreb this week for transfers and other things, so I got to hang out with Sister S, from nothern California, and I took her to this place called California Burrito.. It's decked out with all things California, so she loved it :)

Me at California Burrito


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