Sunday, June 1, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia March 31, 2014

Hey Mom,
We had a good week. We are going to play basketball again today with the elders. 

We had leadership meeting this week with all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders from our mission together up in Zagreb, and we set new goals for this month and for training. That was the second one that I had been to, and it was really neat hearing about all the miracles happening around our mission.
Harold (name changed), from Sarajevo, got baptized on Saturday! We went to President Rowe's house to skype in and watch it, since Sarajevo is about 6 hours away by car. It was such a beautiful baptismal service and Harold was so ready and excited to be baptized. He is stellar. I was a basket case the whole time. He tried talking to me on Skype after the service and I could barely say "I'm so proud of you!" because I was just so completely overcome with emotion. Gosh, get it together. Then Harold started to cry, too. We forget what a blessing it is to be baptized and to have the gift of the Holy Ghost in our lives. If we could have that enthusiasm and level of happiness every time we received a spiritual prompting or partook of the sacrament...
Events of the week: 1) Mark is so close to getting on date for baptism! He is understanding everything that we teach, he just is having a hard time recognizing his answer to be baptized. 2) Ivan came to church and tried to get up and share his testimony, but then our second counselor said we were out of time... ahh. He told us what he was going to say afterwards and he did such a good job. 3) Katherine (name changed) is doing great! She said she would pray to know if the Book of Mormon was true (for the 5th time), and I really believe she'll do it this time. 4) Sister W is coming up here tonight and we're doing an exchange while Sister Erbe goes back to Karlovac. 5) Sister Erbe's bed broke.. we discovered that the beds we have were designed for children. Sister Erebe's 5'10 and got a basketball scholarship. We're looking into getting new beds. 6) Got a lot of work done in the office...  7) We watched Women's Conference last night. I thought Sister Burton did such a wonderful job. I loved her talk. 8) We're so excited for General Conference!! Make sure that you carve out some time to watch the sessions!! One of the women in our branch here is working on translating the talks right now and she says that they're really, really good.
We need to get going. Sorry I didn't really tell you more, but I'm glad that you all had a great week!
Love you lots!!
Sister Orgill

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