Sunday, June 1, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia May 19, 2014

Hey Mom!

This week was great! So many things that happened.

I guess the most exciting of which is we had the BYU Men's Volleyball team here in Zagreb this weekend! It was so crazy. We brought investigators and less active members to one of their games and it was really fun to watch them play a local Croatian team. The players came up in the stands and talked with everyone afterwards and all the members and investigators loved it. Then on Sunday, they all came to church. They piled in our Zagreb chapel with their wives and coaches and they sang a musical number, and a bunch of them came up and bore their testimonies. It was so powerful. The assistant coach for the team served his mission here about 10 years ago and he spoke for about 10 minutes in complete Croatian! Everyone was so impressed with him. He was so prepared and he had clearly thought out what he wanted to say. The Spirit was so strong in the meeting and it was also really cool because John (name changed)  who we met up with last week and D and D (the less-active couple who are both doctors) who we've been working with for MONTHS came to church for the first time in ages. I couldn't believe it. It was such a powerful Sunday to come back to church and the members were glowing.

The sad news this week is about all the floods in Serbia and Bosnia. The members and the missionaries are all fine. I'm sure that you actually know more about what's going on than I do, since you can read the news. We've talked to a bunch of the missionaries and have seen some pictures-- I know that the humanitarian couples here are doing a lot to help with some relief and housing for the locals.

Also, more sad news, one of the Elders who I served with in Tuzla and in Zagreb is going home this morning. I cannot believe it. So many people suffer from depression out here because of the weather and difficulty adjusting. :/ It's always so sad to see someone go home early.

Thanks for always having faith in me. I was reading Uchtdorf's talk "Are You Sleeping Through the Restoration?" (which is SO good) this week. I thought it was so interesting to think about all the things that we become so subtly addicted to (TV, internet, social media). One of his examples was food! I've focused these past 2 weeks on eating less and have lost it 3.5 pounds! We're playing basketball and tennis today, and that will feel really good.

Mark (name changed) is still on date to get baptized! He was a puffing machine when we met him, and now he's down to just 5 cigarettes a day. It's huge. There's no rule for how long someone needs to go without smoking before their baptism, but we talked with him and we decided that we would really want him to go about 2 weeks without smoking in order for him to really feel ready to be baptized. He's supposed to be completely done with cigarettes on Tuesday, so pray for him! He is so, so close.

So many great people, lessons, etc. I feel like this week has flown by. I really love working with Sister E. I'm so happy serving with her, she is so low-maintenance and we just get it done, even on days when it's hard. She only has 9 weeks left of her mission, which is crazy, but that's a pretty big motivator for both of us.

I love you lots and hope you have a great week!

Sister Orgill

At the volleyball game

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