Sunday, June 1, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia May 5, 2014

Hey Mom,

It is crazy. This month marks my 1 year serving as a missionary! I cannot believe that. A lot of my good mission friends go home this summer (Sister Matthews, Erbe, Brotherson, etc.), which is pretty surreal to see their time winding down as full-time missionaries. Also, President Rowe goes home at the end of June and President Grant is coming here at the beginning of July. We somehow already have another transfer this week, and this is President Rowe's last time to get to shuffle us around. I'm 90% confident I'm staying in Zagreb, which I'm grateful for-- I love the people and being at the hub of everything.

This week was really good. We had mission leadership council this week at the Rowe's house and it was so inspiring. President Rowe has incredible spiritual depth and has so much confidence and faith in us, which is so inspiring for me based on how many times we have come up short. We had some really great lessons with members, less-actives, branch activity... I wish you could just be here and see what it's like. I can't even count how many times we have had spiritual promptings together to say something that we hadn't planned to talk about or reference something about someone's patriarchal blessing, or a specific talk, and the person asks us, "How did you know that? Did someone tell you about that?" We listened to a talk by Elder Holland about how as missionaries we need to be working 3x3-- us with the Spirit. If we don't have the Spirit then the Lord says "ye shall not teach," not that you won't be effective, or that you shouldn't teach if don't have the spirit, but much stronger. It's an actual commandment that we shall not teach if we do not have the Spirit with us in our lessons. Elder Holland says that if you do not figure out a way to work effectively as a companionship then you cripple yourself and your abilities to teach the people here.

Ilyana and Maria (names changed) are two phenomenal women that we're teaching. They blow me away. We have had some great lessons with them so far and I really feel like they could get baptized.

Darla (name changed) is a member and we have been working a lot with her and her husband. They both came to an activity for the first time since I've been in Zagreb. I was so excited to see them that I took them around to talk with everyone and it was so positive. At the same activity there was a group of girls that we had invited from the concert last week and Sister E was talking with them and introducing them to people. I love working with her. It is so neat to just look across the room and know that if there's someone that I'm worrying about then she's already taking care of them. We visited Darla again last night and we committed her to prepare to go to the temple in August so that her and her husband could be sealed together. Her husband is trying to read the whole Book of Mormon in the month of May. They are exceptional and I am so excited for them to start working towards this new goal.

Mark (name changed), the painter is still doing really, really well. We went over to his house to teach him a lesson and had some difficulty explaining a concept about forces in the world, so we pulled his wife over to help us translate (she's agnostic) and she ended up getting really into the discussion about the things that pull on us in this world. It was really neat for her to discuss and start to recognize the fact that there are real opposition forces that exist in the world. Also, seeing Mark's growth in the past little bit has been so neat. When we first started teaching him he was really pretty timid and not sure what he really believed in, and now he has so much confidence in his spiritual impressions that he's had over the past few months. I really think he will get baptized this month and that he will set the way for his family to be baptized as well.

It was a great week! I'm so glad that everyone is doing well and that you get to see Jen really soon!

Love you lots!!

Sister Orgill


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