Sunday, August 31, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia August 25, 2014

Hey Mom,

This week was crazy for me, as well. We had six sisters staying in Zagreb this week who I had to keep busy, make sure they knew how to get around the city, and schedule in their doctors appointments, and various other meetings. There was a lot of splitting companionships and planning that went into it and at the end of the week when everyone left I just passed out and slept so well! We had the Return and Report meeting all day on Wednesday for the new missionaries, as kind of a follow-up to see how their first few weeks in the mission field was going. Then I had leadership council on Friday, and I went to that with a sister from Tuzla, Sister C (who goes home this next transfer and is such a wonderful missionary). It was really great. Sunday was the perfect end to the week. I love going to church at the end of a long week. The Jeppsons, this really amazing senior couple gave their farewell address at church along with Sister Sare. It was so sad saying goodbye to all of them. I couldn't help myself from crying, even though I know I'll see them again in just a few months.

This week we are working in both Zadar and Zagreb as a trio companionship, and we're also stopping in Rijeka for an exchange. None of all these cities are very close to each other. We were anticipating having a car to get around, but late yesterday afternoon we found out that we wouldn't be able to use one until Wednesday, so we got on a bus within an hour of figuring out that information, and didn't get into Zadar until late last night. But, we are here now, well rested, and had a chance to walk through the city center, hang out by the sea on the sea organ and eat ice cream. It's been a really nice, relaxing preparation day.

I feel that whenever I feel like taking a break and taking it easy, some situation comes up and I just either have to step up and handle it, or it won't get figured out. While I would really love being isolated in the edge of the mission, in a quiet city, and without a busy phone, I think maybe the Lord knows that I need to be pushed. I think he knows we all need to be pushed to our limits in order to really grow. I really know that when I am sleep-deprived, hungry, worked to the bone, my true nature comes out. I can see if I'm going to turn inward and focus on myself or keep trying to turn outward and serve others. It's been a blessing to be able to see how the Lord has slowly been refining me through growing experiences on my mission and in my life. 

I had a great interview with President Grant this week. While we don't have transfer calls for another few weeks, he told me that he thinks that I'm staying in Zagreb for my last transfer. That would make 11 months here! There are visa issues to consider when being transferred to a different country, so maybe I will be training in Zagreb again. I would love to go see Serbia or Montenegro, but I also love the members and our investigators here in Zagreb so much, that I think I will be happt either way. I know the Lord knows what I need better than I do.

Love always,

Sister Orgill

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