Sunday, August 31, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia July 14, 2014

Hey Mom,
I'm doing great! It is so weird to think about how quickly the time goes by. We are at the week-mark countdown until Sister Erbe goes home. Haha, she's so excited! We bought pounds of chocolate this morning for her to bring home to her family. I'm really going to miss her. She's a wonderful companion and such a powerful missionary. In my interview when President Grant told me that I would most likely be training next week, all I could say was, "Please. No." He laughed. Training is so hard. Most people say that being a missionary teaches you how to be a good spouse, I really think it teaches you how to be a good parent. You are put with someone who you did not choose to be with, someone who has their own predispositions, habits, and tendencies and because they're new and in a brand new environment, they get scared, and you have to really do a lot of uplifting, a lot of serving, encouraging, pep talks, a lot of patience, wiping their tears, you do most of the teaching and speaking in lessons, contacting, tracting, etc. etc. Haha ahh, growing experiences are great :)
I've been thinking a lot, I think mostly because Sister Erbe goes home so soon, about how we are constantly being influenced and influencing others around us. We listened to a talk this week by Sheri Dew and she talks about the importance of monitoring where we're getting our information from. Which sources are we receiving the majority of our daily information from? Whether we're aware of it or not, we're being influenced all the time. She gave this example from her own life-- she loves watching the news, so typically when she's getting ready in the morning she listens to political pundits battling back and forth. She had a thought one day "you have the tv on too much." She said, the kind of tv she was watching, wasn't bad or on the line by any means. She thought it was an interesting thought, and then that Sunday in church she was listening to some of her young women talk about how they listened to a Conference talk every day in preparation for the next General Conference. She said that she resolved to listen to a Conference talk or 2 every morning while she was getting ready. She testified of the shift and the change that came into her life, by modifying something so minimal-- she felt strengthened and more spiritually uplifted every day. I thought that was so interesting and I've been reflecting on the sources that I used to get my information from-- tv shows, Facebook, TED talks, the news, and minimally in comparison, the scriptures. None of those are inherently bad, but they were simply not the best influencers in my life. The talk is called 4 Things That Will Wreck Your Life and 4 Things That Will Save It. I think you have to buy it if you want to listen to it, becauase it was done through Deseret Book. Still, so good.
Thanks for sharing your spiritual thoughts too, Mom. I love hearing those and sharing those with the people we're teaching!
I love you lots! Hope you have a great week :)
Sister Orgill

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