Sunday, August 31, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia July 28, 2014

Hey Mom!
It was so great talking with you last week! Training is going really well! We have hit our Area Book (where past missionaries make notes of all their missionary contacts-- ours goes back to the early 2000s) and were able to set up a few lessons from that for this coming week, and in addition to that we found 3 great new investigators this week! Talking on the tram, from English class and from our Area Book. Woot woot! Everyone that we found was really open and really willing to take the lessons. A huge miracle of this week!
My trainee is Sister B! She is from Helper, Utah, she's 20 years old, she's really interested in geology, anime, and speaking in Shakespearean English. We get a long really well. She is a sweetheart! She works hard and is patient with me, for which I'm incredibly grateful. She was called up on the spot to bear her testimony in Croatian in church on Sunday and she just nailed it. I felt like a proud little mama, because we had been working on grammar and speaking in Croatian all this week and she was so composed even though she was nervous. Talking to people on the tram about the church, answering phone calls, or contacting people about English class isn't scary for me, but I forgot how scared I was when I first got here. It's a challenge for someone who is new and who doesn't know the language, so we're working on helping her face those fears. I think I'll be leaving Zagreb at the end of this transfer, because we have so many young missionaries coming in these next two transfers. President Grant said that these new missionaries will need to be ready to train either in 8 weeks or next transfer. Yikes! I know I wouldn't have been ready to train my first few weeks in, but I really think she'll be ready, she's already doing such a great job.
This week we have leadership council and it's going to be an extended meeting, so everyone is staying the night at the mission home and it's going to last for about a full day all together. I don't really know what it will be like, but the crazy thing is that I'm going to the meeting with another sister who goes home in September, and then her companion and Sister B will be together for a full day and Sister B will have to show her around and take her to all of our lessons. So I'm constantly quizzing her on how to get around the city, which trams to take, names of members, verbs, etc. etc. It's rushed, but she'll get it.
Our miracle this week was just having all these really wonderful people come out of the woodwork. Sister Erbe and I really had had a hard time finding new people to teach, and then all of a sudden this week, it seemed like everyone wanted to talk and meet up with us-- the guy in a kebab restaurant, a woman at the tram stop, another guy on the tram who had overheard us talking to someone else and comes out and says, "if I were to join any church it really would be yours!" I don't even know why it happened that way, but we ended up having to give two of our lessons away to the Elders because we couldn't make it to all the things we had going on this week. I've felt so grateful this past week for everything that I have and for how blessed I feel as a missionary. I love Zagreb so much and it is just insane to me that in a few weeks, I'll be getting on the plane again with the same people that I came here with and I know I'll just look at them and just say, "Did that really all just happen? Was that real life?" I know it will feel like a dream. :/

I'm going to give Sister Br a tour of center today, so we're going to get going, but I love you lots and hope you have a great week!!
Love always,
Sister Orgill

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