Sunday, August 31, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia June 23, 2014

Hey Mom,
We've had a good week. I went to Zadar, this really beautiful city on the coast, this week for an exchange. I was with our only German sister in the mission, Sister Konietz, and it was really fun working with her. I kept having her teach me funny German phrases. We met a wonderful potential investigator while we were talking to people on the street, and we were able to have a really powerful lesson with a member there. We also got lost on our way to Zadar (the GPS mixed up two cities) which tacked on a few extra HOURS of driving onto our trip. Yuck. 

I really love other cities, but there is something about being back in Zagreb that just feels so great. I love all the members and the other people that we get to work with. We're having a car wash this week with everyone, and that will be a fun service/finding activity to do with them. So many of them are really involved in missionary work-- they know the names of our investigators, come on lessons with us on a weekly basis, and are really invested in strengthening the branch here.
President Rowe and his family go home a week from today. We have our last leadership meeting with him on Thursday which I'm sure will be really special. He has truly changed my life. It is so crazy that his full-time mission is over. Sister E only has 4 weeks left, so we're working on helping her endure to the end, haha. She is such a marvelous missionary.
We're going to Trakošćan today for our preparation day with all the elders. It's about an hour away, but we hear it's one of the prettiest castles in Croatia, so we're excited.
We need to get going to the office.

I love you lots and hope that you havea  great week!
Ajde Hrvatska!! (Go Croatia!!)
Сестра Оргил

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