Adriatic North Mission

The Adriatic North Mission covers Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia.

On October 31, 1985 Elder Thomas S. Monson petitioned these blessings for the missionaries called to serve in the Adriatic North Mission:

"Wilt thou bless the missionaries who serve here that they may be men and women of courage and great faith. Bless them that they may be able to touch the hearts of the people, that they may love the people and that they may be powerful in the bearing of their testimonies. Bless them with the capacity to communicate in the language of the people, never overlooking the language of the heart. And grant Father, that the missionaries may go forward with their work unhindered and with success... I ask a blessing upon all who declare the truth that their precious testimonies may find lodgment in the hearts of all whom thou hast prepared..."

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  1. i love when Elder THOMAS S MONSON talk about the blessed and served the mission people talk me about we listen to him and he is good looking too and i love him because when he talk about you and missionaries too i felt that to my spirit and my testimony too and yours and i felt that i love very much and you will prepared your mission and i am prey of you everyday so i well i went to give to my brother ELDER BAILEY email for you