MTC Pictures

    The choir! If you zoom in, you can see Natalie Orgill smiling in the back.

          The girl in the middle is the Neuberger's niece.
              She's such a hoot! Never a dull moment with her.

With my cousin, Natalie Orgill!

Jonathan! Love him! 

Haha we get some really weird things in the mail... Elder Bursell, one of my favorite elders got this cake designed like a hamburger. Yum :)

I'm in the purple and black striped jacket next to Sister Marks! Church news... we couldn't find the article online though

Me and Marksie before we became famous ;)

Journal writing before choir

Me and Sturtevant just before we got interviewed by some media... this is also the jacket I'll be wearing on Sunday

Us doing companionship language study

Sister Marks knew that I had been eying a mini set of scriptures in the bookstore and surprised me with them one day! She's so sweet!

Me and Naterpillar on Father's day at Sunday devotional :)

Croatia, Bosnia and Serbian flags with my two companions outside the temple

Me and Scooter (Hannah's sister)... I love seeing her everywhere! 

Sister Marks' certificate for breaking the push-up record at the MTC!

Croatia! With Sister Marks, Sister Frampton and Sister Peterson

The Romanians are in the classroom right below mine! This is for my friend Cody who served in Romania

Sister Marks and I

Sister Sturtevant and I during our heavy-duty weekly planning session

Sister Marks makes me laugh so hard :) I love her!

Sister Sturtevant got the sweetest (and largest) package from her boyfriend... she wanted me to take a picture of it.

Late-night Ramen...with no utensils so we used pens as chopsticks :) Truly reminiscent of my days as a freshman at BYU. We're eating healthy for the most part, Mom, I promise! Haha
4th of July just before the fireworks with some of my zone

Famous Croatian basketball player... everyone in Croatia LOVES him and he was LDS and played for BYU. One of, I think 2 players inducted into their hall of fame? Super cool.

We studied outside and Sister Marks takes so many creeper shots of me while I"m studying...this is one of 80 where I'm actually looking at the camera haha

Some of the elders put this outside the room that my companionship was studying in because we were laughing so hard at some of our vocab struggles.

Me and Sister Manwill! Aubrey's little sister

One of my favorite Bulgarian elders who also leaves on Tuesday. He is the funniest elder in our zone and he'll definitely be missed.

Me and Sister Sturtevant outside the Provo temple

Most of my zone

Me and Sister Paxton! She was my fellow sister training leader, but she leaves for Bulgaria on Tuesday. She's the best.
                                         From Sister Marks camera. Sister Marks and I studying
One of my favorite Elders, Elder Bursell! Studying during laundry time. 

Apparently this is a "classic MTC picture".... this is one of my roommates, Sister Hendricks from Blacksburg, Virginia. She's so funny and is also such a sweetheart.

Cute Sister Sturtevant

On plane to Croatia 

Landing in Croatia!

Candy store in Zagreb

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