MTC Week 7, July 12, 2013

Dragi obitelji i prijatelji! (Dear family and friends)
This week has been good-- we're all really aware that we're leaving for Croatia in just a few weeks (17 days to be exact, but who's counting?), so it's getting crazzyyyy. Many of the missionaries in my district have started to crack down on the language which is really cool to see. Also, announcement: They opened up (or just reassigned, I'm not sure which) Montenegro to my mission! I don't know a ton about it, but I know they speak Serbian there and from what we've heard, President Rowe likes to send new missionaries to new areas, so I bet some of the missionaries in my zone will probably end up there on their first assignment. I'm so excited.
Sister Marks has been really sick this week (she still goes to everything on our schedule), but it's been rough for her. She's a lot better now. We had to walk over to the BYU Health Center (it was so weird being outside the MTC gates... I almost had a heart attack when I remembered so many of my friends were just down the road) to pick up some medicine and we ran into Jarell Han! He was so surprised to see me as a missionary, haha. We talked about Malaysia for a while and he seems to be doing really well! I think he's finishing up his Master's right now and then is going to try to find a job outside of Utah. He's so awesome and he told me to tell you hello, Mom! I also saw Andrew Larson this week and he is such an awesome guy! We keep meaning to take a picture together, but I never have my camera on me when I run into him. I'll get one to you next week.
Also, I got two letters from Hannah this week! She's so good about writing me (I need to be better with her) and she FINALLY got my package that I sent her probably 10 weeks ago. She had given up on it, but then said it was such a tender mercy when she finally received it. She was going through a rough patch (I guess she had denghi fever for a while-- yikes!), but I think she's almost completely better, now.
Aunt Janet also sent me this package with the best cinnamon butter bread in the world. I think it was still warm when I got it, haha. I opened it up in front of my district and they devoured it (2 huge loaves) in 30 minutes or less. I was impressed. It was so thoughtful and nice of her to send that to me! Will you please let her know I said thank you and I love her and Uncle Dave?
My Bulgarians left this week, which means that we are officially the oldest district in our zone. Again, it was bittersweet saying goodbye, but we're so excited that they're actually able to be out in the field.
We were fortunate enough to hear some really powerful testimonies this week. One on Sunday that I really enjoyed was from my MTC President, President Nally. He is so great. He talked about how even as missionaries we need to continually refresh our worthiness. We need to walk with faith in our footsteps. The more I study faith, the more I know it's an action word-- if we're aren't continually exercising our faith, then it cannot grow. The more we sanctify ourselves and move forward with faith, the more we allow the power of the Lord to come to pass and be known. I don't think we realize our full potential sometimes, but I've learned the importance of praying to know how we can be better.
Not much time to write, per usual, but I love you! Mom, thank you for being great about writing me! Everyone LOVED your package! HOLY COW! So You are a sweetheart and the best mom in the world! I'm sending you my package next week :) I hope you have a great week!
Volim vi,
Sestra Orgill

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