Pictures Serving in the Adriatic North Mission

Sweet D and I
           S's baptism!!! Yayyy!!!! It was so great!!

S looking radiant with Sister M and I

Beautiful S after her baptism

I's backyard in the country... super cool
This is legitimately how they cut grass,
so naturally the elders had to give it a go

Sister M and I with the scythe

Beautiful Bosnia
Gorgeous Skies
Sister M with I, one of the sweet people we are teaching

Making jam at I's house

My Suradnica
At Family Home Evening

At a Member's house for Bajrum
A little bit sunburned!

D and I with the picture she drew of me and her

Beautiful View in Tuzla

Sister M and I

My adorable friend, D

Our future missionaries

Our group in Tuzla, Bosnia

Poor attempt at making burek

Elder S and B at  her baptism

At the baptism of B

Tuzla, Bosnia

Tuzla, Bosnia 
My last night in Tuzla, they gave me this pink sweater that
I put over my clothes
Setting up the baptismal font in Sarajevo

At F's baptism
At the baptism of F. I'm at the piano
At F's baptism
Beautiful view in Sarajevo
So much snow in Sarajevo

My first day in Karlovac the members dressed me up as Mary
with an Elder as Joseph for their Christmas program.  Mary
would have worn pink and yellow, right?
Karlovac Christmas program
Dressed as Mary for Karlovac Christmas program
In front of a nativity scene in Karlovac
With my old boots
With my new boots!!

By the river in Karlovac
In the Karlovac building, with a picture of the St. Louis

Sister B and I in Karlovac during Christmas

Listening to someone we are teaching in the choir
at Christmas Eve mass
Making cookies with Sister B (don't ask me why the
cookies are baby blue and pink)

Making cookies with Sister B

In Karlovac on Christmas
Getting ready for English class
Preparing for English class
English class

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