Tuzla, Bosnia September 2, 2013

Hey Mom! Zdravo, zdravo!
This week has been really, really awesome. So many cool experiences. I don't even know where to begin!
It started off with S's baptism on Tuesday.  President Rowe came down for it and for our district meeting. The baptism was such a cool experience-- the spirit was so strong throughout the whole meeting. All the missionaries did a musical number; Sister W gave a short talk, and then Sister M and I taught the Restoration while S and Elder Sheridan were getting dressed. Everything flowed so smoothly and our sweet S was just glowing the whole time. 

We had interviews with President Rowe afterwards and lunch at the W's, which was really great. We talked a little bit more about how we're going to try to implement social media in our mission and use it as a finding tool for people who are interested in English classes.  We are also going to use it as a connection for the Young Single Adults in the Balkans. It was so great getting to talk to President again. He's so wise and said exactly what I needed to hear.
We had a lot of promptings to say and do various things throughout the week and everything just played out in ways we could never have expected. Too many experiences to share in our short e-mail time, but basically, we had 3 investigators who just weren't progressing in their understanding of the Gospel. We felt prompted to invite them to do other things or participate in other things (e.g.,a musical number in church, English sign-ups, Family Home Evening, etc.) . We fasted this weekend to have more success with the people here and literally everything fell into place on Sunday during our fast. Sunday was THE BEST. B has been one of our  investigators that wasn't progressing, but she was at church early so I shared a bunch of scriptures with her that I love. She was really into reading and finding the scriptures with me. Her favorite scripture that I shared with her was Isaiah 41:10. B loves to sing, so I asked if she would sing in church-- she accepted and practiced this week with Elder Graham. It ended up sounding so beautiful. They invited the spirit so well into our meeting. She even went up and bore her sweet testimony about how she didn't know why she wasn't baptized, but how she knew she needed to be. Everyone continued to bear their testimonies and it just was such a beautiful sacrament meeting. The spirit was palpable. After the meeting, I kept feeling like I needed to give B a baptismal calendar, so I pulled her aside and gave her a baptismal calendar for September. I told her to go home, look at the calendar, pray and pick a date that she wanted to be baptized. She smiled so widely and said she would. It was something I would never do, but I kept feeling prompted by the Spirit. She's been investigating the church for a few months now, but has a really rough family life so things are hard for her. We should hear from her today about which date she wants to get baptized on-- pray that everything goes well for her and that she has a desire to leap with the faith that she does have!
Sunday afternoon we went to another investigator's house and spent some time with her and her awesome family at their weekend home. We pretty much had to hike up this mountain to get there, haha, but it was wonderful. I feel like we made a lot of progress with her, when we had not been able to before.  

Last night, was M. M is S's neighbor.  S has been thinking a lot about her, so we called S up last night and asked if we could go over and visit her neighbor with her. S said yes! It can be a little nerve-wracking inviting the missionaries to meet with your friends, but she did it! We showed up to M's house and she loved talking with us. She's an older woman, who lives alone. Her husband was an alcoholic and passed away a few years ago. Her son's in jail right now, but she is such a sweet woman with great strength. We talked with her a bit about how she has remained so optimistic over the years and she said it was because of God. S bore her testimony about the Book of Mormon and M was really receptive!! We're going to meet with M again on Tuesday. We're really excited. No better missionaries than the members :)
We start English classes this next week! And I also think we're doing exchanges next week with the sisters in Banja Luka, which should be good because it's my first one. I think I'm going to Banja Luka, and Sister M is staying here for that day. It will be weird being with someone else other than Sister M. I wonder if I'll ever feel normal being alone ever again. Sister Marks, my companion from the MTC, sent me a pile of totally hilarious letters that she'd been writing every week and sent them back with the Ws when they went up to Zagreb. Hannah sent me an early birthday package with some earrings in it. Both are such sweethearts. I feel so blessed to have such good friends.
We're leaving for the castle in Srebernik in just a little bit and we're going with S and the Elders. Thank you so much for all the love! Mom, I just love you so much! I'm glad to hear that everything is going well :) I hope you have such a good week!
Love you lots!!

Sestra Orgill

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