Tuzla, Bosnia August 5, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 1 in Tuzla Bosnia, August 5, 2013


I'm in Tuzla, Bosnia!! What?! We're opening it for the sisters and the Elders have been here for just under a year, I think. It's awesome! This is the same town that Elder Eyring was talking about in his last Conference talk, so I was able to meet the guy that he was talking about in church yesterday. It is so beautiful here and I just love the culture.
I literally understand nothing that people say (I could understand them in Croatia, not so much in Bosnia). Good thing I have some serious divine help. Tuzla's relatively small (150,000 people), but the people are really friendly. It is so hot that I have already decided that I'm just going to forgo wearing making for the rest of my mission because we come home literally drenched in sweat (we're really attractive, I know, I know).
Sorry I'm kind of all over the place and may continue to just keep going off on random tangents. I just wish I could film everything here and show you! Mom, you would LOVE it. We eat ice cream everyday, except for Sundays, which makes my heart happy when I don't understand the language.  Don't worry, I've actually lost 4 pounds since I've been here since the food is really fresh and healthy and there are a lot of really big hills here. What?!

Tuzla is predominantly Muslim and it's Ramadan right now so we can't go tracting (door to door) so we just go contacting (street contacts). We have a Mosque right next to our house (they have a ton throughout Tuzla), which is super cool hearing the prayer calls all the time and gives me deja vu for Malaysia, which I love!
Our branch here is SUPER small. So small that it's not actually called a branch, but it's a group. I guess we have 8 official members but we only had 4 of them there yesterday and then 2 of the people we are teaching came! Yay! One has a baptismal date, which we're so excited about! She's 18 and is awesome. The other is also awesome. She believes the Book of Mormon to be the word of God, but doesn't have a testimony of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We're having a hard time helping her to make that connection  She loves the missionaries and how she feels at church. We text her every night with scriptures she should read. Also awesome. :)
There are tons of Roma (gypsies) here. Did I say that already? We have some who are members in our group and they're starting to teach me some Romani, too. Basically I'll just be fluent in Romani if nothing else by the time I get back home. No big deal. :)

My suradnica (companion) is the best. I feel so blessed! She is probably the nicest person on this planet. Her name is Sister M, she's from Heber, Utah, is 21 and is studying human development at BYU. We work really hard together and our feet always hurt, but we love working together-- she makes me stronger and want to be better. She was in Novi Sad, Serbia for 4 months before here. She's learning Bosnian with me, so we help each other. Also, we talk to everyone. Literally everyone. Even people who say mean things or use inappropriate cat calls. I'm still terrified of talking, but it's really good. We made a list of things that scare us on our mission and we're resolved to do all of them. 

The Ws are a humanitarian couple here and they take really good care of us (help us figure out visa stuff, take us out to lunch, drive us places, etc. etc.). Sister W has a blog somewhere and she keeps reminding me to tell you to look at it. She has pictures up of our apartment (which is really really nice... I feel pretty spoiled) when the elders lived in it. I love President and Sister Rowe! President called us last night and talked to us for a bit and he just is so awesome. I love our mission.

Okay, we need to get going because we're hogging the computers in the library, but I'll try to send you some more pictures really quickly. Love you so so so much!! Have an awesome week!
Sestra Orgill

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