Tuzla, Bosnia August 12, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week 2, Tuzla, Bosnia August 12, 2013

Zdravo svi!

This week has been hard, but good! Thanks so much for all the support! I had so many e-mails in my inbox, and I love hearing about all your missionary moments and your love for the gospel and for me. Thank you!

I mentioned one of the people we are teaching last week and we're still working on helping her prepare for baptism. Satan's working really hard right now on her, but we meet with her almost everyday and she seems to be doing really well. We're renting out the pool at this 5-star hotel and we're doing the baptism there.  Oh, and the other person we are teaching, S, told us why she decided to continue investigating the church-- a bird pooped on her Joseph Smith pamphlet which apparently is good luck here. Haha. The Lord gives us what we need. :)

I sang in church yesterday with Elder Graham from my MTC group. He has the voice of an angel.  Church was really good. I love our members so much, I really didn't think it was possible in this short little bit of time. 

There's this sweet little girl and she calls me her najbolji prijatelj (best friend), and when she draws me, she draws me as a princess. SUCH a sweetheart. She also holds my hand when she's scared, helps me with my language all the time and I maybe might just take her home with me in 15 months, ha, ha. Her mom is baptized, so we're going to start working on seeing what we need to do to get her baptized this month! It would be awesome since I'm pretty sure her favorite elder is going to be transferred next month, so he could baptize her before he leaves.

This week was a little bit weird in terms of contacting/tracting. Ramadan is officially over (it ended on Thursday) but this whole weekend they had an end of Ramadan celebration called Bajram where people celebrate at home with their families. There was no one outside-- it was like Christmas Day in the states. And it rained a lot this weekend. We're SO excited to go tracting tomorrow because we know people will be back to their normal schedules. Also, on Friday and Saturday we invited over 200 people to come to church with us! No one came, haha. What do you do? Elder Nelson gave a blessing recently that there would be an outpouring of the Spirit here, that this would be a dawning of a new day for former Yugoslavia. Pray for the hearts of the people here to be softened! It's so hard because there's so much culture and history here and a lot of them are really disenchanted with religion. I know a lot of the people here need the gospel. As a companionship we're working on being uplifting forces in this work even when nothing else uplifts or is motivates. I want to be like Moroni in Alma 48 where the Lord could always rely on his faithfulness and valiance in the gospel, for the "devil would never have power over hearts of men" if all people were like him. I feel like the language and the progression of the people we are teaching are coming little by little, step by step.  I know that the Lord will give us what we need to be successful if we're diligent and faithful.

Mom, thank you so much for your sweet testimony. I love you so so much! If everyone could have a mother like you, I know this world would be made of stripling warriors. We have to get going, but have an amazing week! 


Sestra Orgill

P.S. Also, you don't say someone has prison, you say they're in prison. If you say they have prison, or you're in prison, it means constipation. Learned that one the hard way this week. Whoopsies haha.

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