Tuzla, Bosnia September 22, 2013

Hey Mom!!

First, thank you so much for all of the early birthday wishes!! That was so thoughtful of everyone!

We have little to no time to write this week. American Corner (where we normally do our e-mails) is under construction because the ceilings and the floors were caving in. I have 30 minutes on the public computers to read e-mails, write to President and to respond! Ahh!

This week has been great! We had exchanges and Zone Conference which were both great. Working with Sister C was really fun! She's one of our Sister Training Leaders, is studying International Relations at BYU and she goes home in December. She speaks Bosnian and Serbian SUPER well. Everyone was really impressed with her. People still ask me where I'm from. Haha. My accent is the worst. Someone asked me if I was from the Czech Republic this week. I'm getting closer geographically to where I'm supposed to be, though, right?

Zone Conference was on Friday and Sister M got really sick this weekend with some sort of stomach virus, but we still went down to Sarajevo, heard from President and learned a lot about what we can be doing better. We've been inside these past two days for Sister Matthews, so it's super nice being outside today and getting some fresh air. I was going a little stir crazy coming off of such a motivational conference about missionary work and then just having to come home and stay inside. She got a blessing from the elders last night and is feeling tons better today :)

It sounds like you had a wonderful and busy week! Let me know how Steven did on his ACT! He wrote me the sweetest e-mail this past week. I don't have time to e-mail him back this week (please tell him I'm so sorry!), but read in Acts 6 and 7 the story of Stephen and about his great faith! His death is sad, but Stephen's great faith made me think of our sweet Steven and how valiant and strong he is.

This week has been good, but busy. Also this upcoming week we have transfers and a lot of meetings, so it's going to be really busy as well. Busy is good! Pray for us. We have a number of people in mind, who were former investigators, but we feel like we need to meet with this week, who have received all the lessons, know the church is true, and just need a little encouragement to commit to baptism! President Eyring talked about how there will be a temple built here one day. These people really are the pioneers for the church here in Tuzla!

I love you, I love you, I love you! I hope you have a wonderful week! Send Steven and Skippy my love!

S ljubavlju,
Sestra Orgill

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